Target Shooting and Firearm Safety

Target shooting is not just a sport, but also an essential component of firearm safety. Its value has long been recognized in Canada. In fact, as a means of advancing civilian marksmanship skills across the entire country, the government of Canada founded the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association (DCRA) in 1868. The DCRA is a non-political organization that still exists today, and still holds the nations highest level shooting competitions in our nation’s capital annually.

There are now many shooting organizations in Canada promoting marksmanship in many different types of shooting disciplines – with firearm safety being the common objective. The value of target shooting has no less importance in Canada today. We expect our armed forces, police, armed guards and hunter’s to be proficient – target shooting sports provide an essential role in promoting the high degree of competence that we expect.

To participate in target shooting in Canada, you must possess a firearms licence or be under the direct and immediate supervision of a licenced individual. Join a local target shooting club, challenge yourself mentally and physically, practice firearm safety on a regular basis, and strive to master the century old skills of this discipline.

In order to own firearms in Canada, you must complete the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) before submitting your firearm licence application to the Canadian Firearms Program (CFP).

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