Firearm Safety and our Youth (Minors)

Take your kids shooting and give them memories that will last a lifetime.

Did you know that there is no minimum age requirement to take the Canadian Firearms Safety Course? Youth between the ages of 12 and 17 years old are eligible to take the PAL Course and Exams and apply for their Minor’s Possession Acquisition Licence. They can even take the CRFSC course – but only for interest and to learn about restricted firearms safety.

Every shooter remembers the first day they were introduced to the shooting sports and the lessons provided to them on that day by their role models.

Shooting sports have been an age-old way of finding common interests between father and son, and grandfather and granddaughter. Shooting teaches discipline, concentration, and responsibility. It is also a great way to get our youth into the outdoors – a real modern parenting challenge. Shooting sports inspire healthy competition – youth will always try to out-perform their parents, and parents can always be a winner because of the pride they feel when their children achieve their goals, or when they get to shine as a mentor.

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