• Can be issued to you if you are between the ages of 12 and 17 years old (pursuant to Section 8 of the Firearms Act);
  • Authorizes you to possess a firearm for target practice, hunting, instruction in the use of firearms, and taking part in organized shooting competitions;
  • Makes it much easier for you to participate in the hunting and shooting sports (does not allow you to purchase firearms);
  • Expires on the day that you turn eighteen (18); and
  • When you send in your application for an adult PAL, your CFSC exam results that you took as a minor will still be valid.
  • NOTE: A minor can still use firearms of any class without a licence if they are under the direct and immediate supervision of someone who is licensed to have that firearm. The licenced person should be near enough to the minor to take immediate action to prevent any unsafe or illegal use of the firearm. For hunting, they would still need to take the Hunter Education Course.

Make sure you apply for an adult Possession Acquisition Licence (PAL) six (6) months before your 18th birthday to prevent a lapse in your licence.


If you are 12 years old, you can take the PAL course (CFSC) and exams. Make sure you bring written consent from a parent or legal guardian before the course starts.

Parents can accompany you during the delivery of the PAL course (CFSC). They can attend the course as a student alongside you, or they can attend to accompany you without being a student. However, they are not permitted to be present during your written or practical exams. Parents who are accompanying you, aren’t allowed to participate in the course and aren’t allowed to handle the firearms during your course or examinations.


You can take the RPAL/CRFSC course as a minor, for educational purposes only. However, you cannot take the CRFSC exams when you are below 18 years old.

The RPAL/CRFSC course gives you the opportunity to learn firearm safety on more types of interesting firearms. However, when you turn 18 years old, you need to take the CRFSC course again in order to apply for an RPAL licence.

There is no minor’s licence for possessing restricted firearms.


Make sure you bring appropriate identification to the PAL (CFSC) course and exams.

  • Any recognized government identification (Military, Ministry etc.).
  • Passport (from any Country).
  • Driver’s Licence (from any Province).
  • Ontario Photo Card (or any other government-issued provincial photo identification).
  • A letter from the bishop of the Mennonite community (a copy of the letter needs to be submitted to the PAL course instructor).

When you are a minor, it can be more difficult for you to provide acceptable Photo identification, so you can also use the following:

  • Birth Certificate and a valid School Photo ID; or
  • Birth Certificate and the Parent or Guardian acceptable government identification (as per the listed accepted Photo ID above).


Bring two (2) completed copies of the form signed by the parent or guardian to the instructor BEFORE the course starts.


After you complete the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and exams, you will get your results in the mail. The next steps are to fill out the application form, and submit your course results with a suitable photo to the Canadian Firearms Program (CFP). The form can be downloaded below.

Download the application forms from the RCMP website here.

If you are an Ontario Resident applying for a Minor Firearms Licence, you need to complete this application package:

More info on the Minors licence