Firearm Safety

FIrearm Safety is not just for hunters and target shooter’s. Everyone should have basic firearm safety skills. Firearms are a part of our world, urban or rural, and also a part of our culture – it is likely that everyone will encounter a firearm at some point in their life.

We are committed to making firearm safety education more accessible in the Ottawa area.

3 thoughts on “Firearm Safety”

  1. We ran a successful PAL course in downtown Ottawa over the weekend. We typically run combination courses that bundle the CFSC and CRFSC (PAL & RPAL) courses into one weekend but there was enough demand to run this standalone course.

    Despite two fire alarm interruptions (false alarms), the course went very well and ended up finishing on schedule. Thank you to all who attended!

  2. There are many people in the Ottawa area who wish to take the CRFSC (RPAL) course to upgrade their PAL licence, but cannot find a course when they look for one – and then there are instructors who run an RPAL course and cannot find enough students to fill the course!

    Because the CRFSC course can be hard to fill, many instructors do not run these courses as a stand-alone course on a regular basis.

    If you are interested in upgrading your PAL licence to an RPAL licence, contact us! If there is enough interest, we will run a course for you.

    We do have an upcoming RPAL course in Ottawa on November 1st that is sold out – we recognize that there is a need for these courses Ottawa, but there seems to be a problem of connecting students in need of the CRFSC course with the instructors offering the course.

    We are dedicated to making the PAL and RPAL courses more accessible in the Ottawa area.

  3. We have heard back from a couple of our previous students recently who have just received their PAL Licence from the Canadian Firearms Program. Both licences were issued to them very close to 60 days from the date they sent in their applications.

    Start your PAL application process today by registering for the compulsory Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) provided by The courses and exams can only be provided by certified instructors.

    We are committed to making firearms safety training more accessible in the Ottawa area and are presently offering PAL and RPAL courses almost every two weeks. If there is demand for more, we will run more. Contact us today if you want a course or if you need a course for an employment opportunity.

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