Upgrade you PAL licence to an RPAL licence by taking this course. Successful completion of this CRFSC (RPAL) course and exams are required to apply to have Restricted firearms privileges added to your firearms licence.

NOTE: You must have taken and passed the pre-requisite CFSC (PAL) course and exam before taking this course. Please bring your valid PAL licence or a copy of your CFSC course report on the first day of the course.

Participants must be able to attend the full course hours:

Sunday (June 12th) from 8:00am to 4:00pm;
The cost of this CFRSC (RPAL) course is $190 (includes exams).

To register:

Send Payment in full for the amount of $214.70 ($190 + HST) by EMT to: bmacd223@gmail.com

Important in the notes of the EMT you must include:

Your name

Your phone number

Your email address

The course date that you are registering in