COVID-19: Prepare for your course during this delay.

The current global pandemic situation has made many people think more about their ability to be self-sufficient, and hunting is the ultimate in self-reliance.

The first step towards buying a firearm in Canada is to attend the Canadian Firearm Safety Course and pass the practical and written exams. Unfortunately, the courses (and also the licence application processing at the Canadian Firearms Program) have been suspended for the short term. However, this does not mean that there is nothing you can do towards pursuing your firearms licence.

Make the most of the current situation by studying the course handbook in preparation for taking the course when courses resume. Students that read the manual prior to the course enjoy the course more and, on average, attain higher overall scores than students that did not prepare. The student handbook can be downloaded for free here:

More information about the courses, exams and the rest of the application process can be found here:

After you have taken the time to work on personal development by reading the manual, don’t forget to come back to to check on any updates to course availability. We plan on running as many courses as possible, as soon as possible.